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Seven NBA-esque trades that NFL teams

Nobody trades better than the NBA.

The NFL is never going to match the NBA in offseason material.

But what if the NFL decided to go against the norm and became a trade-happy market? It'll never happen, but it's a fun alternative universe to explore. I'm a "Star Wars" and "Game of Thrones" nerd, so I'm into this sorta thing: spending way too much time thinking about things that won't ever exist.

Trades are unlikely to happen this late in the offseason -- barring another Teddy Bridgewater-like injury situation -- but there's still a chance (a slim one, albeit) that trades could materialize around the trade deadline, when teams have some clarity about where they're heading, when bad teams should be in rebuild mode and good teams should be in win-now mode.

Double the trouble

Those good teams should be looking to bolster their playoff-caliber rosters with cheap, proven players. The return for those players likely won't be much, but a conditional or sixth-round pick is better than losing those players for absolutely nothing following the season. It's also a reasonable cost for a contender to pay for a player who can help them win a Super Bowl in February.

The trade deadline during the upcoming season is scheduled for 4 p.m. ET on Halloween -- presumably so Bill Belichick can go trick-or-treating instead of staring at the transaction wire. Here are seven candidates that could be traded before that deadline.